Working in general open-air street artist is not an artist like no other. His art practice in the street and walls and other public places are her canvas. Navigating between legality and illegality, his only concern is to deliver his message.

1459090 10152083814852700 327841035 nWhen the first graffiti was born , his only message was to know the name of its creator, often attached to the name of the street , and was only for marking territory . Today , street art has taken a new dimension and is aimed especially at the termination of some injustice, to deliver a powerful or simply unleash a real artistic creativity message.

Artists like Blu artist , Adnate or Spanish Liqen part engaged artists whose works often carry messages. Surrealism, three-dimensional or shifted their style varies, but their purpose remains the same. To know them a little better, streetart - offers a complete gallery presenting their achievements and their biography .

 With the increasing number of events dedicated to the art of street, graffiti artists are certain to be seen but also heard. Achievements more exuberant and more titanic , made ​​the bomb, stencil or marker and roll artists constantly reinventing street art . It is a perpetual evolution for these kings of the bomb, representatives of underground art .