Spille automater takes great pride in offering slot machines that have a high payout ratio, that don’t pit players against crushing odds. A low spilelogohouse edge enables beginners to stay profitable and makes it less likely for them to suffer crushing downswings that will appeal to rate their bankroll.

Having said this, not all the games pay the same and some of them seem to be more profitable, with players winning small fortunes with a tiny investment.

Cosmic Fortune was one of the best paying slot machine of 2015 and is quite probable that this year, it will also topped the charts. The online casino is happy to share the good news with its members, letting them know whenever someone hits the winning combination and unlock a sizable amount. This game is on of the few carrying jackpots, so in addition to winning regular prizes, players have the chance of randomly triggering a boosted payouts.


One of the most recent winners claiming in excess of €67,000, when he took down a jackpot that was constantly rising. The player from Japan was the lucky winner at the time when the interest for the slot machine was sky-high and the number of participants followed the same trend. The 27-year-old player was a relatively new member and one that didn’t feel comfortable wagering larger amounts, but this didn’t prevent him from winning a lot of money.

To make matters even better, he didn’t have to spend a lot of time spinning the reels to trigger the winning combination. 15 minutes after he said down at his PC, the Cosmic Fortune the reels came to life and he was announced that he won a jackpot. He wagered less than one dollar, so he didn’t expect to win that much money and initially he was in a state of disbelief. This takes a while for the good news to sink in and this is something that all big winners experience.

The thing that attracted the Japanese player was the interesting theme of Cosmic Fortune, as he always dreamt about taking a voyage into outer space. Great slot machines act as a magnet to new players, by sporting fancy graphics and animations that get them fully immersed into the atmosphere. Everyone secretly hopes to win the jackpot, but they don’t expect to be among those who actually win big playing a video slot from the comfort of their home.

Spille automater has an impressive track record and over the course of time there were many new players who won a lot of money. They don’t hesitate to meet winners half way and a casino representative gives them a call, to announce the good news and to provide counsel. Obviously, this good fortune stories serve their purpose and encourage others to follow the shining example of the winners.